LIFE Groups

How do I find members for my LIFE Group?

Contact the LIFE Group Team leader (Diane Saupe) for a list of people who are looking for a group. The LIFE Group Team will also help advertise your group. Ultimately, the best way to find LIFE Group members is to ask people on your own, even your friends and neighbors outside of the church.

What do you “do” in a LIFE Group?

Meet in someone’s house, have a social time with snacks, share prayer requests and personal updates, discuss the appointed study and spiritual exercise for the week, and pray together.

Are any LIFE Groups small groups using the Bible as the center of their discussion?

Yes! It is our goal that as disciples of Jesus, all group members choose to study the Bible one or more times in the course of their group's life together.

Who decides the subject we discuss in LIFE Groups?

The small group members usually give input into what they would like to study.

How long does a LIFE Group meet?

The average length of time is 12 to 18 months, for about 90 minutes per meeting.

Why is it strongly recommended that LIFE Groups meet weekly?

A big part of this small group is the relationship building that comes from getting to know one another in a confidential, safe environment. Real relationships take time and practice.

What is a LIFE Group facilitator?

A LIFE Group facilitator is someone who is trained, recognized and appointed to serve the members of their group by starting, organizing and helping to maintain the healthy functioning of that LIFE Group.

What is a LIFE Group?

LIFE Groups are small groups of 6-10 people who meet weekly to help each other grow closer to God through prayer, study, fellowship and mutual accountability. The mission of each LIFE Group is to grow closer to God and one another through prayer, study and fellowship in order to live out our faith in the real world.

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