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At Lord of Life, our mission is to reach people with the love of Jesus Christ.  One part of that mission is to become better disciples of Jesus Christ ourselves.

We think there are three main parts to discipleship: weekly worship, two points of connection with the church community every week, and tithing.  We abbreviate it as "Worship + 2 + Tithe = Discipleship."

In Lutheran theology, you cannot do good works or say certain words to earn salvation.  Salvation comes by the grace of God.  Likewise, giving to the church does not turn God into a divine ATM that will make you rich or guarantee your prayers are answered.

What giving to the church will do is provide Lord of Life with tools.  Those tools allow us to do everything from keeping the lights on and the computers running to promoting mission outreach projects in Columbus and around the world.  And because Lord of Life is part of the larger Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, as a congregation we tithe to the larger church too.

We are grateful to God and to those who support our ministry.

More Ways to Donate

This page is an invitation to give and a easy means for you to do so electronically.  We also accept donations by check, as well as through other means of designated giving like life insurance.  If you have questions about ways to give, contact the church treasurer.

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