...Learning and Growing

It's true, we have a lot of fun at Lord of Life. We take great joy in sharing our life together and worshiping God in community. But our purpose as the church (the people of Christ) is to grow toward becoming better disciples of Jesus.

We take the journey of becoming Jesus' disciples seriously. Read on to find out some of the tools and philosophies that help us. And join us... we would love to walk on the path of discipleship with you!

Mission, Vision, and Values

They're three words with distinct meanings. For every ministry of our congregation, every outreach effort, everything in our life together, we start by asking how it fits into our mission, vision, and values.


To reach people with the love of Jesus Christ.


Lord of Life Lutheran Church is a community of Christ where we experience God's grace, comfort and acceptance through each other. From here, everyone is empowered to share, teach and give what each has received.


  1. The Gospel calls us to unconditional regard for all people.
  2. Prayer is necessary for our relationship with God, one another, and the world.
  3. Scripture provides the foundation for our lives of faith.
  4. The authority for our ministry is founded in Jesus Christ, the head of the Church which is the Body of Christ on earth. An elected Congregation Council provides administrative authority; our called pastors provide the spiritual authority of the Office of Word and Sacrament Ministry.
  5. Each member is uniquely gifted by God for ministry and is expected to mature in discipleship of Jesus Christ.
  6. Any ministry based on our Mission, Vision and Core Values is valid for our congregation, and may, at any time, evolve or end.

Daily and Weekly Bible Readings

At Lord of Life, we follow the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) for our readings in worship on Sunday. We also encourage use of the RCL for daily devotional readings throughout the week.

Lutheran Discipleship Resources

Adult Education and Discipleship at Lord of Life

For Your Amusement...

The Lutheran

Each month, this print and online publication nurtures awareness of God's presence in our lives, connects ELCA members with each other and the global Christian community, and provides an open forum for lively discussion.

The Little Lutheran

"The Little Lutheran" is a tool for congregations, schools, parents, grandparents, godparents and others to help in faith formation for children 6 and younger. Ten times a year this magazine brings children and families songs, rituals, stories, prayers, activities and more to tell them how much God loves them and that Jesus is their savior and friend.

Worship: At the Heart of Our Community

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