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... "so we, though many, are one body in Christ"  Romans 12:5

The Real World

The world confronts us daily with messages that we are not good enough. Arguably, those who get hit hardest with this message are our teens - media says "you should look better", school says "you should study harder", peers say, "You should work harder to be my friend, and adults say "You should be more responsible". Maybe all these messages aren't completely terrible, but they come with an awful lot of pressure.

We're in this Together

ONEbody is by definition a place where teens come to experience the love of Christ Jesus through Sunday Morning Devotionals, monthly programs geared to fun and relaxation, and servant events that challenge each of us to step outside our comfort zones and reach others where they are.


This is where youth take a hard look at the issues this world faces and are challenged to stand as a member of the body of Christ - either by reading and discussing bible lessons or by watching a video that challenges them to look at things from a different Christian perspective. This space is meant to equip youth to doubt and yet believe, to forgive and yet not forget, and fall back on the constant message of God’s love for us all.


This is intended to be a place where youth can feel the pressure lifted and experience acceptance for two hours - either by cutting loose and laughing uproariously during a game of Apples to Apples or by digging thoughtfully and intentionally into the word of God for truth about what it means to be a completely loved child of God. In the process, we will also build a supportive community of teens who will have each other's backs this year and beyond.


This is a series of events where youth exercise their right to reach out and help their fellow man - either by gathering canned goods and delivering them to a food pantry or by helping someone rebuild their home after a hurricane. In these events kids will experience a feeling of what it means to share their gifts with others through work, sacrifice, commitment, and realizing that God changes our lives drastically if we simply follow.
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Leadership Info

Scott Flading
  I've been a member since March 2009

Why youth ministry? - I want to share my life lessons with the youth and to provide an open and safe enviornment for them to express themselves or ask questions that I hopefully can provide some guidance on or at least listen.

My part in ONEbody is leading the team and overseeing the service projects and mission trips.  So far we have prepared and served Thanksgiving at First English, gone to Smokey Row Baptist Church to help with their food pantry and helped feed people at Jacob's Porch, the OSU campus ministry. We also attended the Transformation Zone, a week long mission event.  We usually plan an event every month.
Liz Spiker
  I’ve been a member since March 2011

Why Youth Ministry? - Because youth are the movers and shakers of this world- fearless in the face of new experiences, constantly learning and questioning, and just generally fun. Not a week goes by that I am not amazed, inspired, or challenged in my faith by the beautiful young people that are ONEbody.

 Michael Darr
  I've been a member since 2010.

Why youth ministry? - Being a kid at heart I find it to be a lot of fun to be involved with youth of the church.  Of course doing all the fun things one does as a kid is great, but the conversations and discussions that can come about are also very interesting.  I also had a lot of fun with the youth group at my church and even met my wife at a Southern Ohio Youth Synod retreat.  So I think it is really important to give the youth of our church an environment that was as fun and fostering as the one I was a part of. 

My main responsibilities are in supporting our ONEbody team with our weekly e-mails and Facebook posts, as well as getting new pics up on our Narthex board.  But when I can I love to be involved in our social and service events and occasionally I even organize and lead some of our activities.

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